Patent services

Technical inventions can be protected by Patents. Patent 42 can assist you at every stage of the Patent protection process. At every stage, Patent 42 will provide you with clear and practical advices.

Our services includes:

  • Drafting Patents. We assist our client with identifying patentable inventions and determining a suitable scope of protection. We draft the application in English or French, including the drawings if any.
  • Filing and prosecution of patent applications.
  • Validating European Patents.
  • Opposition and Appeal. We assist you if your Patent needs to be defended against third parties, and represents you directly before the European Patent Office Opposition Division or Board of Appeal.
  • Patent Portfolio Management. We work with clients to build and develop Patent Portfolio, advising on filing and prosecution strategies and determining foreign filing programs. We provide assistance for the management and the review of existing portfolios to ensure that they are up-to-date and offer the maximum value possible.
  • Annuity payment service.
  • Patent enforcement.
  • Freedom to operate.

We also work in Trademarks and Designs.