Valerie Mellet
Valerie MELLET
patent42’s founder
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Whatever your question is, we will find an answer for you.

Patent 42 is a law firm acting in Industrial Property. Our job is to help and assist companies and entrepreneurs in protecting and defending their investments in innovation and creation.

If innovation is first of all a state of mind, it is also a necessity and a source of development and growth for your company. Investments carried out to develop new products or new activities deserve to be protected.

Is your innovation technological? Have you invented or improved a product or a process? Its protection is done by the deposit of patent.

Is your innovation a business? Have you invested in new products or new activities? Your work in marketing and development of the market can be protected by registering a trademark.

Is your innovation aesthetic? Have you invested in designing your products? Their protection go through the registration of the design.


Patent 42 provides concrete and careful solutions in the area of patents, trademarks and designs. We support you in all stages of elaboration and implementation of an industrial property strategy adapted to your needs at both national and international level.

Patent 42 can represent you before the Intellectual Property Offices of Luxembourg, Belgium and France but also before international offices such as the European Patent Office (EPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Benelux Office for the Intellectual Property (BOIP) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

Moreover, Patent 42 benefits from a European and international network of foreign correspondents, selected for their professionalism and expertise.

Our team

  • Valerie MELLET
    patent42’s founder
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    Valérie MELLET

    Conseil en Propriété industrielle Luxembourgeois (IP attorney in Luxembourg)

    European Patent Attorney

    European and Benelux Trademark and design Attorney

    Authorized representative before the French and the Belgian Patent Office

    Area of expertise: Chemistry, Polymers Chemistry, Agronomics, Biochemistry, Mechanics

    Language: French, English

    Valérie is the founding and managing partner of PATENT42. She holds a master degree in Structural Biochemistry graduated from the University of Strasbourg (France). She also holds the CEIPI diploma in patents, trademarks and designs and the CEIPI diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe. Before the launch of her own firm in 2014, she worked during several years in private practices in France and in Luxembourg, and in the industry in Belgium.

    She can act on all IP related matters such as: IP counseling and advising business for the development of the patent’s strategy and for the enforcement of the patent’s rights; the draft of agreements on IP matters, the draft of patent applications, prosecution of patent, trademark and design applications, oppositions, oral proceedings before the EPO, freedom to operate. She is an EPI tutor for the education and training of junior patent specialists. She occasionally lectures on IP topics.

    She is a native speaker in French and speaks fluently English. She is a member of FCPIL, EPI and AIPPI.

    Beside intellectual property, her main interests are her family, photography and travelling.

  • Peter HENSENNEPeter’s linkedin profile

    Peter HENSENNE

    Part-qualified European Patent Attorney

    Luxembourgish Patent Attorney

    PhD in chemistry

    Area of expertise: Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Mechanics

    Language: French, English

    Peter holds a PhD concerning the development of a catalytic system onto a nanosurface of silicon and has further developed his skills in organic chemistry in homogeneous catalysis. Peter also holds a post-graduate degree in medicine development sciences.

    Peter can act on IP related matters such as: advising client on the patent’s strategy, performing prior art search, drafting patent applications and prosecution on patent applications.

    Alongside IP, Peter is interested in outdoor activities and in exploring the World.

  • David AHOUNOU

    David AHOUNOU

    Patent specialist
    Part-qualified European Patent Attorney

    Area of expertise: Mechanics, Electronic, Physics

    Language: French, English, Spanish

    David holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the IFMA in Clermont-Ferrand (France). He also holds a LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law from the KUL in Leuven. Before joining Patent42, he worked several years in the industry.

    David can act on IP related matters such as: drafting patent applications, prosecution of patents, oppositions.

    Alongside intellectual property he loves music.




  • Isabelle DAÏRA

    Isabelle DAÏRA

    Secretary and Paralegal

    Area of expertise: Validation, Filing and granting procedures, Annuity, etc.

    Language: French, English, Spanish

    Isabelle is specialized in the validation proceedings, annuity payment and all kinds of secretary and paralegal works.

    She enjoyed to spend time with her family, travelling and is a true film-lover.






Our firm is based in Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg. Please feel free to contact us for any further informations you might need.



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